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Welcome to the CUSU Women's Campaign

The Women's Campaign supports and represents all women students at Cambridge. We work to eliminate all forms of discrimination faced by women in the University. All students who self-define as women are members, and we strive for an inclusive campaign. We have a diverse membership; we are made up of women from different ethnic, religious and class backgrounds, trans women, queer, bisexual and lesbian women, disabled women and women who are student parents. We try to make the university a safer, happier and more welcoming place for all women.

The work of our campaign is co-ordinated by the full-time CUSU Women's Officer and supported by JCR and MCR women's officers in the colleges. We are the main representative for women in the University, as well as an autonomous campaigning body which provides a wide variety of services, resources and events for women in Cambridge. Decisions are made at our fortnightly women's forum, which is open to all self-defining women, and should be regularly attended by your college women's officer. Forum is a space for discussing different projects or plans, for deciding on our campaign ideas, supporting each other and enabling change throughout the university. The Women's Campaign also has a committee composed of four campaigns managers who facilitate the working groups for each of the priority campaigns, which are chosen by Forum, as well representational officers; BME, LGBT+, Disabled, International and Graduate women's.

Our campaigns:

We campaign on the issues that matter to Cambridge women, from getting a living wage to ending sexual violence. The content and direction of our campaigning comes from Women's

Forum where all women students are welcome and (welcomed!) to have their voice heard on the issues that affect them. Our 4 priority campaigns for this year are sexual consent, women and class, lad culture and women in academia. If you want to get involved with these campaigns, or you've got your own ideas for change, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Amelia (Women's Officer) or anyone on the committee.