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From @CUSUwomen:

CUSU with female symbol over S and U


Welcome to the CUSU Women's Campaign's webpage.

Two women shoutingThe Women's Campaign supports and represents all women students in the university. Our Women's Campaign is inclusive; we are made up of women that belong to all ethnic, religious and class backgrounds, women that define as trans, queer, bisexual and lesbian and women who are student parents.

The Women's Campaign is a voice for change in the University. As the Women's Campaign, we are able to push for change in how this university runs and in university culture affecting women students' day to day college lives.

The way the campaign is structured is hopefully quite simple to understand. We are an autonomous policymaking body, which means that although we receive funding from CUSU, we make our own policy according to the Women's Campaign constitution. This means that all of our decisions are our own.

Women marching

The work of the Women's Campaign is coordinated by the CUSU Women's Officer, who is elected every year to work full-time to be the student voice for gender equality in the University. She works closely with the University as well as with the women students of Cambridge.

Each college should be represented by a college Women's Officer. She will attend fortnightly Women's Forum which is a space for discussing projects that college Women's Officers want to run, for voting on campaign ideas and for making our campaigns more effective. Anyone, Women's Officer or not, is welcome (and welcomed!) to attend Women's Forum. The more of us involved, the more effectively we can campaign!

The Women's Exec is a group of about ten women who meet weekly to talk about campaign ideas inspired by specific university wide problems. These ideas are then taken to Women's Forum to vote on. If you want to get involved with elections for Women's Exec happen in Lent term.

Women shouting with megaphone