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WomCam Exec Elections

Please find below information about the WomCam Exec by-elections 2017 - 18.

The Women's Campaign Committee are responsible for representing liberation groups within the Campaign, and for facilitating the day-to-day work of the Campaign, as well as running specific campaigns throughout the University.

Information about the remits of the roles can be found in the Women's Campaign Constitution, which is here. For more information about the roles or the election feel free to contact or any current committee member.

Voting is now open! Head here to cast your vote between now and midnight on the 10th of June.

Quick FYI: voting generally is open only to women and non-binary students. Voting for LBG+ Rep, BME Rep, International Rep, and Non-Binary Rep is open only to WomCam members who self-identify into those groups.

Candidates and Womanifestos are below:


Miriam Gauntlett

(if you can't see the above manifesto, please head to this link)

Lauren Pilley

Zahra Seyyad

Zine Officer:

Amy Baxter

Juliette Bretan

Kate Litman

Marina Scott

Claire Sosienski Smith

Stella Swain

Media and Outreach Officer:

Anna Pick

Timi Sotire

Cat Watts

Graduate Rep:

No nominations were received for this position.

Disabilities Rep:

No nominations were received for this position.

Trans Rep:

No nominations were received for this position.

International Rep:

Mira Nadarajah

Clara van Wel

BME Rep:

Arenike Adebajo

LGB+ Rep:

Flic Kersting

Non-Binary Rep:

Ellie Byrne

Cici Carey-Stuart

Mitch Hubner

Open Portfolio Campaigns

Cora Chalaby

Christie Costello and Christine Pungong

Alex Rowe