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Abortion: A Student Issue

WomCam is affiliated to Abortion Rights UK.

Abortion Rights was formed by the merger of the National Abortion Campaign (NAC) and the Abortion Law Reform Association (ALRA). It is a pro-choice organisation working to preserve the woman's right to choose and campaigns for the provision of easily accessible, woman friendly, NHS funded abortion services. CUSU and WomCam have been working with Abortion Rights to promote access to safe reproductive services throughout our history, and the Women's Union affiliates to Abortion Rights on an annual basis (CUSU does not).

WomCam believes that everyone should have the right to free and accessible abortion. The decision to have an abortion is never an easy one and the abortion process is often made more traumatic by unnecessary delays or obstructive medical staff. Although a third of British women now have an abortion within their lifetimes, the taboo surrounding the operation remains enormous. Many people are also faced with this difficult decision during their time as students, and are in need of the support and information provided by CUSU Women's and Welfare.