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Combat Lad Culture

NUS launched the 'That's What She Said': Women's Experiences of Lad Culture in Higher Education' report, followed by a Lad Culture Summit addressing how to tackle Lad Culture in Universities. In Cambridge, Lad Culture can exist in your college bar, in your college men's drinking society, at sport socials, maybe even just among your group of male friends.

Most women and non-binary students at Cambridge have experienced sexism by groups of men who like to have sexist 'banter' and try to be 'lads', but WomCam finds this unacceptable. We shouldn't have to put up with it. Often such sexist attitudes can lead to sexist behaviour such as sexual harassment and assault, and as the Cambridge Speaks Out Survey showed, it is happening in Cambridge.

If you want to get involved in the Campaign against Lad Culture, contact the Women's Officer on