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Issue 3: Easter 2002

Gender Agenda is looking for a new editor! 
If you would like to edit a university–wide publication and learn skills in publicity, publications and computing then contact

A basic knowledge of html is useful but not essential.  

This Issue's Editorial

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In Issue 3...

Women's Officers;
Are Women's Officers still needed at Cambridge? 

Abortion in the Media;
Is the treatment of the issue of abortion in the populist media fair or indeed useful? 

Women in Sport;
From tennis to boxing, it's all here.

Women in Science; 
The acceptance of women in industry and academia has developed over the years but there is still room for change.

Situation Outre Manche;
Our second article about sexism in French culture, this time focusing on advertising in the press and media.

Picking Olives;
A short story set on the isle of Lesvos. 

a few more quotes on...

" I think, therefore I'm single. "
Liz Winston

" Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got. "
Janis Joplin

" Housework can't kill you, but why take a chance. "
Phyllis Diller

Sources: NUS Women's Campaign & Jo Read

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