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Gender Agenda

Gender Agenda Gender Agenda
Issue 1 Michaelmas 2002
The magazine of
Women's Union

  • Reminder - come to the Gender Agenda Squash! 5pm, October 15th, Chetwynd Room, King's College.

  • Editorial - making the world make sense.

  • Women in Black - being seen and being heard.

  • Gender - what's it to you?

  • Girls in Music - why is it that in recent readerrs poll held by a major national music magazine, only 12 out of the top 100 'Greatest Artists' of all time were women?

  • Michigan Womyns' Festival - the mother of all women's festivals.

  • Book review - Resisting the Sacred and Secular: Women's Activism and Politicized Religion in South Asia, Patricia Jeffrey & Amrita Basu (eds.)

  • Book review - Arts of the Possible, Adrienne Rich.

  • Tahirih Qorratol'Ayn - a woman ahead of her time.

  • Women's Union - a message from the Sabbatical Womens' Officer.

  • Contacts - information and welfare.

  • Credits | Get involved - Gender Agenda needs you!

  • Past issues

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Disclaimer - the views expressed in Gender Agenda are not necessarily shared by the editor or by the Women's Union. Gender Agenda takes no reponsibility for any person, female or male, who is inspired to go and tackle the gender inequalities in the world through any appropriate means. But we're likely to congratulate them and ask them to write about it in the next issue.

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