How we work

There are three main decision making bodies of the Women’s Campaign.

CUSU Women’s Officer

Get in contact with the CUSU Women’s Officer ( and ask for their support & advice, whether it’s about a campaign idea or welfare support. The Women’s Officer is a full-time sabbatical role, elected on a yearly basis in Lent term.

Women’s Forum

As it currently stands, we hold Women’s Forum weekly during full term. Details are publicised via social media, email bulletins and our term card.

Women’s Forum is where we go to socialise, update each other on events in the university and beyond, and discuss and organise our campaigns. This organising space is open to women & non-binary people. Forum details will be posted to our Facebook page and minutes made publicly available.

WomCam Committee

The Committee is coordinated by the CUSU Women’s Officer, and the committee is elected in Easter term each year by the entirety of the Women’s Campaign. To learn more about this year’s committee, head to the ‘Meet the Committee’ page.

Autonomous Campaigns

It is also important to know that the Women’s Campaign is one of CUSU’s five Autonomous Campaigns. These are the BME Campaign, the LGBT+ Campaign, the Disabled Students’ Campaign and the International Students’ Campaign. Take a look at our constitution if you want to read the finer details of how WomCam is organised.

These Autonomous Campaigns all work in the same way – they aim to represent and campaign on behalf of a minority group. Despite receiving funding from CUSU, each Autonomous Campaign is a totally independent policy-making body. This means that, as with the Women’s Campaign, we get to choose exactly who we work with, how we campaign and on what we campaign!

We work closely with the four other Autonomous Campaigns to ensure that our campaigning prioritises women and non-binary people who face other intersecting forms of oppression.

The Women’s Campaign also fits into the broader National Union of Students’ (NUS) Women’s Campaign. The NUS Women’s Campaign functions as a central organisational body to disseminate information to every single Women’s Campaign in the UK. To see how we interact with the NUS Women’s Campaign click here.