NUS Women’s Campaign delegates

Voting is open for NUS Women’s Campaign conference delegate. CUSU Women’s Campaign is able to send two delegates to conference that are elected by a university-wide ballot. All women and non-binary students at Cambridge are eligible to vote. Voting is open from 9am on Friday 26th April and closes at 5pm on Sunday 28th April. 

The candidates in this election are Kate Litman, Claire Sosienski Smith and RON (re-open nominations). Their manifestos are below in image and plain text format. Please email if you need anything in an alternative format or have any questions. 

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Image text reads: Vote Kate for NUS Women’s Conference Delegate

As your CUSU Women’s Officer Elect, I think it’s crucial that I attend NUS Women’s Conference to ensure I am in touch with the national Women’s Campaign. I want to meet Women’s Officers from universities across the country to exchange ideas and resources and help shape the Cambridge Women’s Campaign next year.

Why me? I will: 

  • Bring my three years of experience with CUSU Women’s Campaign to shaping the direction of NUS Women’s Campaign
  • Learn from other students to build a stronger Women’s Campaign next year
  • Vote in line with my commitment to liberation and the priorities outlined on my Women’s Officer manifesto


  • I will support motions which continue the NUS Women’s Campaign’s commitment to liberation and fighting for marginalised and vulnerable students
  • NUS WomCam has done vital work researching the experiences of Muslim students and tackling gendered Islamophobia, I will vote to commit the campaign to continuing such work

Reproductive justice

  • Last year, NUS Women’s Campaign supported the campaign to repeal the Eighth Amendment, providing bursaries for Irish students in the UK to travel home to vote. Cambridge students benefited from these bursaries
  • I will support motions which commit the NUS to lobbying for reproductive justice

Sexual violence

  • NUS WomCam has carried out groundbreaking research with the 1752 Group on staff-student sexual misconduct in UK higher education
  • I will vote for NUS WomCam to continue tackling sexual violence at our universities

Image text reads: Vote Claire NUS Women’s Conference delegate

Fostering links between Cambridge, our women’s campaign and national organising around feminist issues is incredibly important to me. It is spaces like the NUS Women’s Campaign, the CUSU Women’s Campaign and NUS National Conference – at which I was elected Vice President of Higher Education for 2019-20 – that proved to me time and time again that a woman’s place is firmly and fiercely in her union.

Elect me and I will:

  • Speak on the motion I submitted on standing with academic staff against precarious contracts, making sure that NUS Womcam policy commits to collaborating with UCU and standing with all workers in the university as we resist the marketisation of higher education 
  • Use my social media accounts (@CUSUWO on twitter, women’s officer account on facebook) to make sure every member of the CUSU Women’s Campaign can contribute to NUS Women’s Conference 
  • Continue building the feminist activist networks that make our campaigning work stronger: sharing and learning about the anti-racist work and decolonising movements across campuses, how we transform the ways that survivors of sexual violence can find justice in our HE and FE institutions, and how we meaningfully support international struggles for freedom and autonomy for all women and people facing gendered oppression, especially our trans sisters

Feel free to message me or email with any questions!

RON (re-open nominations) is also a candidate in this election. Go to to cast your vote before 5pm on Sunday 28th April.