How we work with NUS Women’s Campaign

National Union of Students Women’s Campaign

  • NUS Women’s Conference 2016

NUS Women’s falls under the Liberation Department at NUS, along with LGBT+, Black Students’ and Students with Disabilities’ Campaigns.

Hareem Ghani, the National Women’s Officer heads the NUS Women’s Campaign and is on the National Executive Committee (NEC).

The work of the Women’s Campaign is supported by the Campaigns and Strategy Directorate, which provides the staff backing through research, administration, strategy and media coordination. The policy passed by delegates at the annual NUS Women’s Conference, and prioritised by the committee elected at Women’s Conference, forms NUS Women’s Campaign and determines the NUS Women’s Campaign’s work.

The NUS Women’s Campaign has a Women’s Committee, elected at NUS Women’s Conference. The Committee includes regional officers (Wales and Scotland), as well as several representative/campaigning positions, such as Disabled Women’s Rep, Lesbian Women’s Rep, Bisexual Women’s Rep, Women with Caring Responsibilities Rep, Black Women’s Rep, FE Rep and National Council Rep.

A major part of the NUS Women’s Campaign’s work involves advising women’s officers on their day-to-day work, and helping them with the development of women’s groups and local women’s campaigns. The Campaign produces materials for women’s officers to assist their campaigning and casework, such as posters, postcards, campaign packs, and organises events and network days for students and student officers.