Women and Access

Under Construction

Women are still in the minority in the university as a whole, but without women’s-only colleges this disparity would be much greater. This Women’s Access campaign is focusing on colleges in which there is a very great disparity between the number of male and female students, such as Christ’s, Caius, Fitz, Trinity and Churchill. The campaign aims to collect evidence from these colleges to find out why this is the case, and to work at trying to ensure that prospective female students are being offered the possibility of study at Cambridge on a fair and equal footing to that of prospective male students. Often the reason given for this disparity is that not enough women are applying to these colleges, so this project will mainly focus on trying to make these colleges – and Cambridge as a whole – look more attractive to prospective female students by putting interviews (both video and transcript) with current female students up online.

See a document on best practice for making colleges seem accessible for women applicants here.

See an interview with a former female student studying Natural Sciences here.