Living Wage

As part of the ‘Women and Class’ campaign, we will be lobbying on two issues that disproportionately affect women employees and students:

1) the living wage,
2) fair employment practices for university staff,

Living wage campaigns have already made significant progress in Cambridge with recent successes including King’s and the University (as a separate employer to colleges) signing up to paying the living wage. This group is an opportunity for us to coordinate our efforts to ensure that the remaining colleges commit to paying a living wage.

However, the Living Wage Foundation guidelines are flawed. They don’t include all employees and they don’t cover other negative employment practices such as zero hours contracts, unpaid overtime which also disproportionately affect women employees at our university.

This group is intended as a space to coordinate and discuss these campaigns, share information and generally get ourselves together to make things happen. Differences of opinion are inevitable with a campaign like this – please be respectful of other members and we can make them constructive!

To read more about the campaign, please visit: The Living Wage Foundation.