Reclaim the Night 2012: Friday 11th May

The time has come for us once again to come out, loud and proud, and say no to street harassment; no to being blamed for attacks against women because we drink alcohol, flirt, or dress a certain way; and no to a society in which we taught to be afraid to be out at night.

Come Monday January 28th, we will take to the streets and march, from Parker’s Piece (8.00pm) to King’s Chapel, in protest at street harassment, victim-blaming, and violence against women. At King’s Chapel we will hold a candle-lit vigil (secular; all welcome), and hear from some amazing speakers and poetry.

It’s always a really fun event, and it’s really important that we keep this tradition of speaking out against street fear and violence against women going, so we look forward to seeing many of you there!

***In order to challenge the status quo, in which women are told they must be chaperoned by men when they go out at night, and in keeping with the tradition of Reclaim the Night, this march will be for self-defining women only (trans people and kids welcome, including anyone who has experienced harrassment as a woman, even if this is only one part of their gender identity). Email Susy Langsdale ( for more details***

***There will be a Men’s Solidarity Demo at Great St. Mary’s Church at 8.00pm, which will join the women’s march when it reaches the Church, and we will then go to the Vigil together). All absolutely welcome. Email Chris Page ( for more details***