Model motions to college unions in the defence of Autonomous Campaigns

Our college union notes

  • That on Wednesday February 1st, motions will be taken to CUSU Council that
    threaten the position of the Women’s Sabb and the autonomy of the LBGT,
    Women’s and Black Student’s campaigns.
  • That autonomous campaigns form one of the most active parts of CUSU.
  • That under proposals to restructure the CUSU Exec, autonomous campaigns would
    become a sub-committee of the CUSU Exec, with no vote on the CUSU Executive.
  • That the Women’s Sabbatical Officer will be replaced with an administrative
  • That this proposal was developed with no consultation whatsoever with the
    Women’s Sabb, or with the heads of other autonomous campaigns, all of whom
    think that the proposals are a very bad idea and not an answer to the problem.

Our college union believes

  • That every student is entitled to a voice and that autonomous campaigns are
    important in ensuring that voice is heard.
  • That removing the Women’s Sabb and replacing it with an administrative member
    of staff is not the way forward.
  • That the autonomous campaigns need more staff support, but that they are best
    place to offer ideas about what that support should entail.
  • That demoting all of the autonomous campaigns to a sub committee of the
    executive is a serious threat to their representative role, and completely

Our college union resolves

  • To support CUSU’s autonomous campaigns
  • To vote against the motions to scrap the Women’s Sabbatical Officer and
    restructure the CUSU Executive.
  • To ask the heads of the autonomous campaigns and members of DPC to meet with
    one another and discuss the way forward, so that a resolution can be reached that
    all of the autonomous campaigns are happy with.
  • To recognise the autonomy of the LBGT, Women’s, Black Students and
    International campaigns by consulting their membership and bringing any further
    motions through the correct structures of those campaigns.