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Issue 1 Michaelmas 2002

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Welcome to the First issue of Gender Agenda for the year 2002-3. I am the
Sabbatical Women’s Officer and my job is to represent, and campaign to
improve, the experience of women at Cambridge. Cambridge is arguably the
best University in the world, but despite all of its strengths, Cambridge
still has its problems. The University still awarded female students
degrees only 50 years ago, and, while things are changing, Cambridge
remains a male dominated environment with a very male ethos. This year I
will campaign on childcare, harassment, women’s academic underachievement,
safety, eating disorders, and a variety of other gender-related issues;
not only to raise awareness of the problems, but also to make positive
change. I am also available for confidential casework and can offer
information and support. Our ‘Changing Priorities Ahead’ campaign focuses
on bringing the CUSU Women’s Union ‘up to date’ and campaigning on what
really matters to you. There are a huge variety of women at Cambridge and
the CUSU Women’s Union seeks to represent this diversity.

I also chair the CUSU Women’s Union which runs a wide range of inclusive
events and decides its policy at Women’s Council which is open to all
female students. Whatever your interests and however much (or little) time
you may have to spare, there is always something for you to do to be part
of the Women’s Union. You can stand for the Women’s Exec, or get involved
in running one of our campaigns. It doesn’t take up much time and you can
really make a difference! Come along to the next Women’s Council on 22nd
October at 7pm.


CUSU Women’s Council 2002-03

7pm, B1, Trinity Hall

Michaelmas term – 22nd October, 5th November, 19th November, 3rd

Lent term – 28th January, 11th February, 11th March

Easter term – 6th May, 20th May, 10th June

Chris Holly

CUSU Women’s Officer

3rd Floor


11-12 Trumpington Street


Tel: 01223 356464 / 33313 (int.)

Fax: 01223 323244

Email: womens@cusu.cam.ac.uk

15% Off Women Workers

One of the big campaigns for Michaelmas Term is raising awareness of the
gender gap in job pay. Women graduates still earn less than men on average
across all sectors and occupations, according to a new Equal Opportunities
(EOC) report (8th August 2002). The report, written by Purcell, Director
of the Employment Studies Research Unit at the University of the West of
England, shows that the pay gap is widest for law, mathematics and
computing graduates and narrowest for education graduates. It is wider in
the private sector than in the public sector. Women and men are
concentrated in different subjects in higher education and often enter
different occupation, yet women earn less on average even when they have
studied the same subjects, achieved the same class of degree and entered
the same industry or occupation.

Commenting on the report, Jenny Watson, Deputy Chair of the EOC, said
“With a pay gap of 15% young female graduates are getting a raw deal when
they start work. More than half of all higher education students are
women, and last year they gained more first class degrees than men”. Yet
women still earn less on average than men whatever they have studied and
whatever career they enter- and this pay gap widens as they get older. For
many young women who expect to find equality in the workplace, their first
pay packet comes as a rude awakening. CUSU Women’s Union has joined forces
with EOC and NUS to campaign for equal pay to students around the country
and to raise awareness of this issue at Cambridge. If you would like to
get involved in this campaign then email womens@cusu.cam.ac.uk.

I wish you the very best for the coming year, don’t work too hard and come
and get involved in the Women’s Campaign!

Chris Holly



Email us at gender-agenda@cusu.cam.ac.uk