World AIDS Day Conference


Gender Agenda

Gender Agenda

Issue 2 Michaelmas 2002

The magazine of

Women's Union

World AIDS Day Conference

10am – 4pm, Saturday 30th November

Palmerston Room, St John’s College

This year, CUSU are holding a one-day conference to
mark World AIDS Day. In each of the four sessions
of the conference, speakers from a range of backgrounds and interests will present their work,
before the session being opened up to the floor for questions and discussion The four topics
that speakers will be covering are:

  • Gender, sexuality and power in HIV
  • Representation of HIV/AIDS in the media
  • The current UK and local situation
  • The African and global situation

Speakers will include the Chief Executive of the fpa
(Family Planning Association), Action:Aid, CamFed, Stop AIDS Now!, Cambridge DHIVerse, Positively Women, as well as speakers from Cambidge University. The conference hopes to increase our
knowledge and awareness of sexual health issues, whilst helping to destigmatise the subject
and encouraging us all to take a proactive approach to our own sexual health. It is hoped
that the day will examine a range of social issues surrounding HIV/AIDS as well as eaxmining
how these are being addressed in the UK, locally in Cambridge, and aborad. Students and staff
of the University and the local community are encouraged to come along and take part in as
many sessions as they can.

Speaking on Gender, Power and sexuality in HIV/AIDS will be Drs Mottier and Bergman,
who have been wokring on the topic in youth communities in Europe. A speaker from Positively Women will also present the work that
the charity does to support women who are HIV positive, and Isabel Huson will also discuss her
work and experiences in the field, specifically associated with peer education and the
Cambridg University community.

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