Gender Agenda

Gender Agenda

Issue 2 Michaelmas 2002

The magazine of

Women's Union


The past couple of years haven’t been particularly good for ‘growth’ around the globe. Stock
markets crashing, businesses fighting to stay alive, ‘restructuring’ their workforce. So
surely the fact that Gender Agenda has undergone a massive growth spurt in the past four weeks
has to be one up for feminism! Hurrah! It’s intersting, however, comparing the ideas of some
feminists (third wavers who believe we are no longer oppressed) and new young journalists
(like Katherine Hibbert who openly acknowledges she is still oppressed). If nothing
else, this emphasises the huge diversity of what feminism means to different people, and how
different experiences can hugely influence perceptions and feelings about it. Now also seems
to be a time in Cambridge when issues affecting safety (particularly that of women) are vbeing
flagged up and tackled head on: the CUSU Safety Lighting Campaign is heartening, but one
wonders why it hasn’t been addressed vefore, particularly by the council. In a city divided
by the POwers of the University and the Powers of the City Council, it is truly scandalous
that even now, even following the appalling assault there around Easter this year, St Edwards
Passage still has no street lighting. And that’s just one example. People’s reactions
to initiatives like this can be hugely varied – and in their variety reflect the different
perceptions of this little world we live in. A friend of mine, who frequently runs along the
Backs, declined to sign the Lighting Campaign pertition. Not that they are against better
lighting, and not becuase they are apathetic. Rather that they didn’t think there was a
problem and that the lighting was sufficient. Maybe that’s why there hasn’t been action on
this before, maybe enough people in the University and Council really genuinely do think
there’s enough lighting, but the response so far to the campaign would seem to indicate
otherwise. We wait to see practical results…

Tigger Jaye MacGregor



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