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Gender Agenda

Gender Agenda

Issue 1 Lent 2003

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Women's Union


Well, it looks like we’re on the brink of war with Iraq. Troops are being
deployed to the Gulf and every day brings more news of Iraq’s failure to
comply with the weapons inspectors. Watching the parade of “reasons” to
attack Iraq, I can’t help but notice the multitude of male faces I
see. Mr Blair. Mr Bush. Mr Blix. Mr Oil Multinational CEO. Mr
Journalist. Mr Analyst. Mr Member of Parliament. I’m not saying there
aren’t ANY female faces, but they do seem to be in the minority. And it
starts you thinking: would the world be the same place if the majority of
the positions of power were taken by women? Would the world be the same
place if the positions of power were split evenly between men and
women? Even within Cambridge, the dynamic of meetings is often dominated
by male voices. Not because they necessarily have anything to add to the
discussion, but often because they ALSO want to say how much they agree
with what Person Z just said. Or offer THEIR solution to the problem
(which is the same as the solution that’s been mentioned 2 minutes
previously, just in their own words). But that’s another issue
entirely: whether having women in power would result in the same state of
affairs as we face at the moment is in question. And would those women be
in power in their own feminine selves, or would they have morphed into a
“male-female”, losing attributes which should be celebrated not
repressed? And then again, are all-female shortlists for posts
necessarily a good thing? Questions like this tend to be a fleeting
thought across my mind, but maybe they should be more than that. In the
past I may have had an excuse, but since women’s liberation happened a
long while back, maybe taking the power into our own hands isn’t just an
option, its a necessity.

Tigger Jane MacGregor



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