Get the vote out for Regent House

Today begins the period of voting for Regent House members in the ballot on the revised student disciplinary framework. We have been pushing for reform for a very long time at the women’s campaign because we understand the importance of a disciplinary procedure that can be used by survivors of sexual violence and other forms of harassment, abuse or intimidation. Changing these institutional frameworks shows that the University is standing by its pledge to take sexual harassment on campus seriously and not tolerate any forms in any part of the university. You can find out more about why it is so important here

The important thing about the 10 day period between Tuesday 18th June and Friday 28th June is that voting is open for all three recommendations to amend the Statutes of the University to adopt the revised Student Disciplinary Framework, effective from 1 October 2019, and change the standard of proof from beyond reasonable doubt to the balance of probabilities. Practically speaking, this means voting placet to Recommendations I, II (which are taken together as one to adopt the reformed procedure) and III (which changes the standard of proof to the balance of probabilities. Members of Regent House are academic and senior administrative staff of the University. There are 5,670 members but turn-out in voting is often very low. We must make sure that the vote on the reformed disciplinary procedure is democratic, fair and representative. We therefore ask that you email the members of Regent House that are in your academic and college life to ask them to vote in the ballot. Unless they have requested a paper ballot (a small minority, so likely not), they will receive receive email notification of the ballot, with a link to further information available online, including fly-sheets, candidate statements and the voting portal. Members cast their votes by using their CRSids and passwords used to access their Raven accounts to log in to the secure voting portal. 

Follow this link for an email template to send to members of Regent House or feel free to talk to them in person or send an email worded in any way that registers how important it is that we get the vote out. You can find out who is a member of Regent House here and find faculty, college and university staff members by using Ctrl-F to search for their name. Please get in touch with with any questions or if you would like more help with emailing. Message or email Claire Sosienski Smith with who you have emailed to ensure that we do not inundate the same members of staff with a similar message. Make sure that you get in touch with the members of Regent House who you think may not engage with university governance or be aware that they are a member of Regent House and can vote in the ballot!

Voting is open from 10am on Tuesday 18th June and closes at 5pm on Friday 28th June. We will hear the result of the ballot in the following week. We are very close to an incredible step towards a university environment that takes the concerns, welfare and safety of its students seriously. Thank you for your work in making sure that members of Regent House turn out to vote.