Disciplinary Procedure: the next steps

Senate House Discussion 

There’s been an overwhelming amount of support so far for changing the disciplinary procedure and thank you to all who spoke at the Senate House Discussion on Tuesday 21st May. Our speeches will be circulated with the voting papers for Regent House when the ballot opens on 18th June. Only two speakers (out of 21) spoke against the revised Student Disciplinary Procedure, and their concerns have been addressed by University Council here. The Council highlights the advantages of having student disciplinary framework that covers all registered students as well as highly trained members of the Discipline Committee who can investigate all forms of misconduct, including both academic and cases of harassment. We would like to particularly note the range of speakers who were in favour of voting yes to both Graces put to Regent House (on adopting the reforms and changing the standard of proof), from first year students and the student union, UCU representatives and the secretary of the senior tutors’ committee, to the senior pro-vice chancellor of education. These reforms and the change to the standard of proof are thoroughly researched, in line with best practice, and a material step to making disciplinary procedures accessible for all parties involved. 

Sign the fly-sheet by 7th June

Along with the remarks of the Discussion, statements of support called fly-sheets can be circulated with the Regent House ballot, provided those fly-sheets are signed by at least 10 members of Regent House or five sabbatical officers. CUSU has drafted a fly-sheet with the University to urge members of Regent House to vote “placet” when they cast their vote between 18th-28th June. We need students, senior tutors, members of Regent House, academics, UCU representatives and any other members of the university to sign the fly-sheet. To do so, you must print off the fly-sheet and physically sign it, then take a picture or scan it in and send to Registrary@admin.cam.ac.uk by 1pm on 7th June. The CUSU sabbatical officers will have spare fly-sheets available in the CUSU office and you can email womens@cusu.cam.ac.uk if you would like the women’s officer to send a fly-sheet to sign to your pigeon hole. Here is the fly-sheet to print, sign, send a picture/scan to Registrary@admin.cam.ac.uk (read the fly-sheet below, and click here for a downloadable PDF to print and sign): 

Fly-sheet to vote yes to the revised student disciplinary procedure


Email members of Regent House

We need to remind members of Regent House that they are eligible to vote in the upcoming ballot and why it is important they do so. We will be emailing members of Regent House that you’re in contact with (your senior tutor, academics in your department or colleges) using email templates and suggestions. There is no magic formula here, and the email asking members of Regent House to vote will be more effective if you’re able to personalise them in some way. 

The CUSU team will be running “Email and chill(ed dairy and fake dairy products” sessions from 4-6pm on Friday 7th June and Friday 14th June. We’ll get ice cream and refreshments and get the vote out (bring a laptop/device)! You can also email members of Regent House in your own time. Please update the Women’s Officer or Disabled Students’ Officer (Claire Sosienski Smith and Emrys Travis) on who you have emailed, so we don’t overload the inboxes of any one Regent House member, or leave anyone out. You can find the members of Regent House at the Roll of the Regent House here