A primary function of WomCam is to empower all students across the University to campaign for change. There is an unlimited number of ways we can work for a better University, and a better world- hopefully this page will give you the tools you need to tackle injustice wherever you find it.

Got a good idea, a lot of enthusiasm or impressive skills? Get in touch!

The Campaign Toolkit will give you practical information about holding and running meetings, using the media, and getting the word out. Of course, it’s not a comprehensive guide to running a campaign, but will hopefully help you find your feet if you’re having trouble locating them…

The Welfare Directory is a great resource for anyone who needs any sort of information about welfare services available to them in Cambridge or nationally.

WomCam has produced many Publications. You’ll find those here, as well as publications from other groups that we think you’ll find interesting. For campaign-specific documents (such as the Equal Opportunities Commission’s report on the pay gap, for example), check out the Campaigns Archive page.

Past Women’s Officers have amassed a collection of books related to gender, which are now available to be checked out from the Women’s Union Library by students. Also in the library is the Women’s News Archive and reports from national organizations examining gender issues.

The world is full of butt-kicking organisations which fight for gender equality- the Links/Organizations section is an incomplete collection of these, but the one’s that are on there are pretty cool, so check them out!

Think something’s missing? Email and it will get added to the website.