Minutes of Women’s Council Meeting Lent II – 2004

Minutes of Women’s Council Meeting Lent II

Tuesday 10th February 2004 at 7pm, Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College
Present: Jo Read (Women’s Sabb), Nicola Poulloura (Christ’s CCSU), Shauna Garvey (Darwin), Katie Earnshaw (King’s GradSoc), Stephanie
Hyde (Lucy Cavendish), Gemma Edgcombe (New Hall JCR), Aarti Shah (Newnham
JCR), Holly Wiles (Queen’s JCR), Vicki Mann (Sidney Sussex
JCR), Caroline Robeets (Trinity Hall JCR),
Natalie Ridgard (Trinity Hall MCR), Naomi Holford (KCSU), Anna Booth (KCSU), Lore Lippman (Clare Hall), Davinder Badial (Girton MCR, International Women’s Officer), Olga Tribulato (Pembroke MCR), Rachel Cook (Women’s Welfare Campaigns Officer).

Proxy: Niamh Dunne (Girton JCR)

Apologies Belinda Graham (Churchill JCR), Beth Glanville (Homerton), Galya Reuter (Peterhouse MCR), Jessica Blackstone (Women’s Website Officer), Helene Williamson (LBG Women’s Officer), Rebecca Barr (Graduate Women’s Officer), Danielle Ireland-Piper (Emmanuel MCR), Hannah Austin (Corpus Christi JCR), Cat Barton (Fitzwilliam JMA), Rebecca Hitchens (Peterhouse JCR).

1. Welcome – Jo (Women’s Sabb) welcomes all new JCR and MCR women’s officers.

2. News


  • SACSMs, the University’s Standing Advisory Committee on Student Matters will meet next wednesday (18th Feb), Jo has sent a paper proposing to reconvene the Working Party on advice to students about harassment and bullying.
  • CUSU Council will be debating a motion written by Jo and Rachel (WU Welfare Campaigns Officer) tomorrow, proposing that all college students’ unions hsould be mandated to lobby their college to provide adequate sanitary disposal facilities.
  • Jo will be contacting everyone about single-sex housing in colleges. This is an issue that mostly affects graduate students, but since there has never been a survey on the issue, we need to find out whether this is an undergraduate problem as well, and which colleges are affected.
  • The ‘Target Women’ survey is now finished, and data analysis has begun. Jo will be meeting with college students’ unions and Senior Tutors about findings. As the survey was independent from internal college politics between JCR/MCRs and SCRs, Jo hopes that progress can be made with college authorities, and in persuading college student unions to take an interest in issues affecting women students.
  • Jo will be contacting everyone about the provision for women’s officer/rep in JCR/MCR constitutions.
  • Jo has received a number of complaints from members of the Philosophy Faculty about Dr Smith, who has been on leave since last July since he was exposed for using prostitutes in college rooms (he was expelled by Jesus College but remains a member of the Faculty). Many female students are concerned about the apalling attitude towards women shown by Dr Smith in the ‘reports’ he wrote about the prostitutes that he used, and are reluctant to have contact with him. If you receive similar complaints, please contact Jo ASAP. It might be worth contact your college academic affairs rep to see if they have received similar complaints.
  • Please let Jo know if you are recieving hate mail or other abuse in your college – there are many different actions that can be taken, and such abuse can not be tolerated.College News
  • New Hall: Last night in JCR open meeting a motion was proposed that the JCR should take a referendum on the possibility of New Hall becoming a mixed college. Students voted FOR the motion (count was ROUGHLY 20Y, 4N and 4A) and it will be taken to College Council by President and VP.3. Corrections to minutes:No corrections to minutes.4. Matters arising from minutes of the last council: No matters arising from minutes of the last council.

    5. Announcements by the Executive:


  • Helene Williamson (LBG Women’s Officer) announced that a new Women’s LBG Officer was elected at the LBG Open Meeting last night. The post has been vacant since October.


  • Rachel Cook (Welfare Campaigns Officer) announced that a Reclaim the Night march will go ahead during International Women’s Week. Contact Rachel womens-welfarecampaigns@cusu.cam.ac.uk for more information.There will also be more information about a CUSU Welfare self-harm campaign coming soon.

    6. Questions to the Executive: No questions to the Executive.

    7. Committees

  • There are currenly two permanent women’s committees (ents and campaigns) which are having varying levels of success with attendance. Perhaps we should consider making these committeess closed, and voting members on to the committees. If you think these committees should remain open (that is, anyone can attend whenever with no obligation to return) please let Jo know.
  • If you would like to be involved with the women’s handbook committee in any capacity, please let Jo know.8. Student Press
  • Please contact Jo if you have any complaints about the student press – we have more leverage, the more complaints we receive about an issue.9. Women’s Council Ordinary Motions:No motions received.10. Women’s Council Emergency Motions: No motions received

    11. NUS Women’s Conference Motions: No comments received by Jo, so the item will be postponed to the next council, at which point there will be a vote on all motions. Please read the NUS motions everyone!

    12. CUSU Council Ordinary Motions

  • Constitution Changes


  • (Jo) Introduces motion.
  • Everyone votes: 17 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstention
  • Student Representation on the General Board of the Faculties
  • (Jo) Introduces motion.
  • Everyone votes: 17 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstention
  • University Centre
  • (Jo) Introduces motion.
  • Everyone votes: 13 Yes, 3 No, 1 Abstention
  • Standing Order Amendments
  • (Jo) Introduces motion
  • Everyone votes: 15 Yes, 0 No, 2 Abstention
  • FACT Action Plan
  • (Jo) Introduces motion
  • Everyone votes: 16 Yes, 0 No, 1 Abstention
  • Sanitary Dispoal Facilities in Colleges
  • (Jo) Introduces motion
  • Everyone votes:17 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstention
  • Part-Time Exec Elections
  • (Jo) Introduces motion
  • Everyone votes: 17 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstention15. AOB
  • Jo: next council is in THREE WEEKS for CUSU Hustings. Thank You everyone who came to Council instead of blind dating!
  • Take a NUS Violence Against Women poster, more available from JoMeeting ends: 8.02pm.