Minutes of Women’s Council Meeting Michaelmas II – 2004

Minutes of Women’s Council Meeting Michaelmas II

Tuesday 2nd November 2004 at 7pm, Trinity Hall Lecture Theatre, Trinity Hall

Nic Poulloura (Christ’s CCSU))
Rachel Spruce (Clare UCS)
Jo Pocock (Emmanuel ECSU)
Emma Hunter (Emmanuel MCR)
Niamh Dunne (Girton JCR)
Meriel Tolhurst-Cleaver (Jesus GradSoc)
Stephanie Hyde (Lucy Cavendish LCSA))
Kate Hawton (Queen’s JCR)
Vicki Mann (Sidney Sussex JCR)
Rumbi Moyo (Trinity Hall JCR)
Claire Walls (Exec Secretary)
Jennifer Cooper (LBG Women’s Officer)
Jane Ding (GU Women’s Officer)
D Edwards (Robinson RCSA)
Jo Read (Women’s Sabb)
Astrid Zimmerman (Clare Hall)
Gaby Jozwiak (Downing JCR)
Saffron Wyse (Downing MCR)
Charly Boardman (Caius GCSU)
Naomi Holford (King’s KCSU)
Katie Earnshaw (King’s GradSoc)
Rachel Cook (Newnham JCR)
Liz Gloyn (Newnham MCR)
Olga Tribulato (Pembroke MCR)
Ribs Hitchens (Peterhouse JCR)
Ailie Robertson (Trinity TCSU)
Kate Franko (Wolfson MCR)

1. Welcome from Jennifer Cooper (Acting Chair, LBG Women’s Officer)

2. News

  • Vicki (Sidney): Sidney Sussex JCR have been trying to promote breast cancer awareness because October was Breast Cancer Awareness month. Based on the statistic that one in nine million women will have breast cancer an undergraduate will be raising money to donate to breast cancer charities. As each rowing boat also comprises of nine women the fundraising will have a rowing theme, with the participant rowing a million metre erg over the next few months. If anyone would like more information or like to help out please contact Vicki on vcm27@cam.ac.uk.
  • Jennifer (Chair): Printing issues with the handbooks have not been resolved as yet by CUSU Services, especially as the company is being tardy in replying and communicating with CUSU.3. No corrections to minutes.4. No matters arising from minutes of the last council.5. Announcements by the Executive.
  • Vicki (Sidney): Please get in touch if you have any questions. She is currently analysing the JCAP report and quality of supervision survey. She will then be contacting JCRs on a college by college basis.
    6. No questions to the Executive.7. No Women’s Council Emergency Motions8. No Women’s Council Ordinary Motions

    9. CUSU Council Ordinary Motions

  • Renewal of CUSU Policy
  • (Jennifer) noted that areas of CUSU policy are due to lapse and therefore CUSU management have decided which should be reinstated. Reinstatement of the autonomous campaigns policy is particularly important to Women’s Union.
  • (Rachel, Clare UCS) questioned whether the policy on admissions has actually achieved its aims. She argues CUSU should question its usefulness and possibly change the wording of this motion.
  • (Jennifer) responds that this motion will reconfirm all of the areas of policy. Therefore we can only choose whether or not to accept the motion.
  • (Rachel, Clare UCS) preferred, in this case, not to challenge the motion.
  • Emergency motion on Architecture Department
  • (Jennifer) Introduced motion.10. No Other Business (Jennifer) Meeting ended.