Minutes from Women’s Council – Michaelmas III 2007

Women’s Council Minutes Mich III

Gonville and Caius Bateman Auditorium – 13/11/07


Voting Members:

Alys Cundy, Clare

Rachel Walden, Pembroke

Grace Capel, Sidney Sussex

Natalie Szarek, Newnham, Women’s Exec, Open Portfolio: Gender Matters

Rhian Keyse, Trinity Hall, WU Welfare

Mavela Daley, Emmanuel, Black and Asian Women’s Officer

Sophie Bates, Emmanuel, Open Portfolio: Gender-Based Violence

Annie Ring, Caius, LBGT Women’s Officer

Hannah Fair, Emmanuel JCR

Miriam Udler, Emmanuel MCR

Olivia de Paeztron, Queens’ (proxying for Juliet Mushens)

Jen Hoyal Cathill, St. Edmund’s

Emily McTernan, King’s

Non-Voting Members:

Elly Shepherd, CUSU Women’s Officer

Heather Peto, Pembroke College


Carol Atack, Lucy Cavendish

Juliet Mushens, Queens’ (sent proxy)

Eily-Meg MacQueen, Christ’s

Charlene Giselle Bourtliout, Christ’s, International Women’s Officer

Sarah Walker, Girton MCR

Laura Vignoles, Caius

Georgina Butterworth, New Hall

Jiexin Zheng, Downing

Koshka Duff, Fitzwilliam

Helen Maduka, Jesus



Elly Shepherd: – Launch of Cambridge Rape Crisis on 19th November, will be at the Umney Theatre, Robinson. Cambridge-based author Ali Smith will be giving a 45 minute reading, then there will be speeches about the centre, and hopefully drinks and fun.

Natalie Szarek, Newnham JCR, Gender Matters officer: Can anyone come? Is there a dress code?

Elly: Yes, open to all, and no dress code.

25th November, launching ‘He Says He Loves Me’ campaign.

24th November, Reclaim the Night march in London, email Elly if you want to come. 6pm Trafalgar Square, so leaving Cambridge probably about 4.30 p.m. Perhaps hiring bus/ using minibus depending on numbers.

Corrections to Minutes

Rhian Keyse, Trinity Hall JCR, Women’s Welfare: 1 small point, misquoted last week, did not say ‘want to work with the union’ – realise this is problematic, rather said that it was an avenue we were exploring with regard to a debate for the consent campaign.

Matters arising from minutes of last council

Alys Cundy, Clare – Consent campaign – can we have some more up to date statistics as the ones on the motion were quite old?

Elly Shepherd – We will look into it.

Announcements by the Executive

Mavela Daley, Emmanuel, Black and Asian Women’s Officer – Campaign starting now, please take posters for around college. First event is a social gathering where people can get to know each other, the second event is going to be for discussion of ideas.

Elly Shepherd – Also posters for Family Society Christmas dinner.

Natalie – On Friday at Newnham, Stop Violence Against Women event – acoustic music and DJ. Time tba, there will be a facebook group for details.

Rhian – Consent campaign pushed back to next term, but still going ahead.

Questions to the executive

Heather Peto, Pembroke – Problems with anti-harassment policy and complaints procedure, is the exec aware of this? It is very much on the agenda again.

Elly – there are problems with the procedure and the way complaints are dealt with. Harriet (CUSU Women’s 2006-7) helped to put together ‘Dignity at Study’ protocol, which is hopefully coming in soon – is being revised currently then hopefully will be passed through University Council. The exec is very aware of these concerns.

Ordinary Motions:

A – He Says He Loves Me Campaign

Sophie Bates, Emmanuel, Gender Based Violence – Campaign is going ahead, launch night 25th November, venue tba but either Ta Bouche or The Cow. Also a film night, showing ‘Take My Eyes’, campaign website being set up. It will be good.

Elly – Domestic violence a big issue, perception it only happens to older women, but this is not the case. Can affect young women and students, possible to get into abusive relationship at early age. Also not restricted to physical violence.

Grace Capel, Sidney – Agrees that this can affect students.

Sophie – This is a very important issue.

Grace – Will there be an email with the details?

Elly – Yes, there are some problems with setting up the campaign website, but email should be sent out soon with all the information.

Proposed by Elly Shepherd, CUSU Women’s Sabb

Seconded by Sophie Bates,

13 Votes for, 0 against, Motion Passes.

CUSU Council – Ordinary Motions:

A – Higher Education Funding

Elly – motion calls for a rethink of CUSU higher education policy.

Natalie – does this mean that this is moving focus from free education to looking at alternative funding?

Heather – Needs to be a system where there are discounts for taking time out for raising children – rebate of fees?

Jen, St. Edmunds – Confused about what exactly this motion is for.

Elly – CUSU Access and funding team – work on issues of HE and widening participation. They want a campaign on the issue of HE funding, including setting out what the debate actually is. Want to produce report on the issue before the campaign. Looking at other options for funding, not free education per se. There is a potential for CUSU to stop supporting free education completely should new policy be introduced – this would be made easier by passage of this motion. Motion doesn’t discard it entirely however. Feel free to come to CUSU council to discuss this issue.

Proposed by: Richard Braude, CUSU HE Funding Officer

Seconded by: Pete Coulthard, CUSU Academic Affairs Officer

6 Votes for, 4 against, 3 abstain, Motion Passes

B.Election Rules

Elly – makes clear past problems with elections, for example running on a slate. Also that the election committee has previously been made up of the CUSU exec – has been conflict of interests where members of elections committee have also stood for election for example as NUS delegates. New rules include that no member of elections committee should be able to stand for election. Also, rules around email and facebook canvassing.

Annie Ring, Caius, LBGT – Where in the rules it says ‘may not,’ might be clearer if it says ‘are not permitted to’.

Elly – will raise that point tomorrow.

Emergency motion – Peterhouse May Ball.

Elly – this motion being brought, not written yet, but indicative vote?

Jen, St. Eds – What was the problem?

Elly – Due to exam results, May Ball now been made triannual.

Annie – Surely it is the student’s choice to get involved in the committee or to go to the ball? How hard they work is personal choice.

Proposed by: Mark Fletcher (CUSU President)

Seconded by: CUSU Democracy and Development Team, Peter Coulthard, CUSU Academic Affairs Officer

8 votes for, 0 against, 5 abstentions – motion passes

Any Other Business:

Rhian – will be bringing motion to next council about student parents and the facilities for them. Any ideas or comments please email