Minutes of Women’s Council Meeting Michaelmas III – 2003

Minutes of Women’s Council Meeting Michaelmas III

Tuesday 18th November 2003 at 7pm, Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College

Jo Read (Women’s Sabb)
Tamara Black (Trinity JCR)
Sally Edwards (Selwyn JCR)
Lore Lippmann (Clare Hall MCR)
Helene Williamson (LBG WO)
Neda Minakaran (St John’s JCR)
Asha Brooks (B&A WO)
Davinder Badial (Girton MCR, Int WO)
Shauna Garvey (Darwin DCSU)
Remy Ware (Peterhouse JCR)
Lottie Mackenzie (Peterhouse)
Sarah Jackson (Kings KCSU)
Belinda Graham (Churchill JCR)
Lucy Beaumont (Clare UCS)
Farzana Hakim (Downing JCR)
Rachel Cook (Welfare Campaigns WO)
Stephanie Hyde (Lucy Cav LCSA)
Lisen Skarborg (St Ed’s MCR)
Lizz Waller (CUSU Welfare Officer)
Sian Oram (Fitzwilliam JMA)
Claire Walls (Girton JCR, Exec Secretary)
Jo Mulvaney (Magdalene JCR)
Hannah Austin (Corpus JCR)
Helen Cook (Emma JCR)
Clare Morgan (Pembroke JP)
Holly Wiles (Queens JCR)
Caroline Roberts (Tit Hall JCR)
Jenny Peachey (Pembroke JP)
Aarti Shah (Newnham JCR)
Galya Reuter (Peterhouse MCR)
Nicki Kimblin (Selwyn MCR)
Jo Lunn (Clare MCR)


1. Welcome – meeting begun 7:03pm

2. News

  • Tamara Black (Trinity) encourages all women to attend a talk by Alison Pearson on Saturday 22nd November at 6.30pm in the Winstanley Lecture
    Theatre. The Daily Telegraph will be taking photos. It will be free entrance. This event is for women only. 
  • JCAP Committee: Jo Read met with the committee last Wednesday. The latest responses from the Law and Geography faculties make little real effort to moderate their subjects according to the findings of the JCAP report. The committee seem apathetic therefore Jo Read and Jessica Childs, CUSU Academic Affairs Officer, suggest contacting each faculty to ask how they are moderating their procedures to accommodate ethnic minorities, women and other ‘disadvantaged’ groups. Jo will be meeting with the Vice Chancellor next week and will express her disappointment about the follow-up from JCAP.
  •  Jo is hoping for support from Fellows and university staff members to pressure the university faculties. So far she has three Fellows in support of the campaign. If anyone knows of a fellow or university staff who is sympathetic to the diversity agenda or the Women’s Union in particular, could they please pass the information on to Jo.
  • Jo had a meeting with Felicity Hunt to discuss campaigns relating from the JCAP Report. In particular they will be making a ‘tree’ of women’s positions in the university.
  • Equal Opportunities in Oxford: This organisation will put on an event a month for eight different minority groups (women, LBGT, religion & belief, childcare, ethnic minorities, anti-racism, internationals, disabilities) in Oxford and is aimed at both staff and students. Cambridge will not be able to produce a scheme on this level but Jo will now attend staff events which will provide feedback on staff provision of equal opportunities. In addition, by attending staffevents Jo may be able to garner support for the Women’s Campaign.
  • Childcare: Cambridge have recently asked for Oxford’s advice regarding childcare provision. Oxford suggested means-tested support for both
    students. This is a positive development because previously
    students only had marginal access to places in the nursery and places were not means-tested.
  • Protest bop in support of St Hilda’s will be on Saturday 29th in Oxford. Jo will be driving those who want to attend down in a minibus.
  • Women’s Officer Survey: Jo thanks all respondents but hopes for more replies so that a spreadsheet can be produced.
  • College Constitutions: Jo would be holding one-on-one meetings with each women’s officer to ensure their positions are protected by their JCR or MCR
    constitution in case of a hostile committee. For the same reason Jo will
    also examine budget provision. Jo will contact everyone individually about this matter.
  • 3. Corrections to minutes:No corrections to minutes.4. Matters arising from minutes of the last council:No matters arising from minutes of the last council.

    5. Announcements by the Executive:

  • Helene Williamson (LBG Women’s Officer) announced that women-only socials will be beginning 2nd December. She urges everyone to attend after women’s council. The event will be held at Newnham college.6. Questions to the Executive:No questions to the Executive.7. Target Women Campaign
  • Jo has suggested the replacement of an Open Portfolio with the position of Target Women Campaigns Officer. This would encourage the fulfilment of the other
    open position by providing potential candidates with ideas about what an open position could entail. Posters and emails will be sent out regarding these elections.8. Review of Policy
  • Jo is compiling the Women’s Union policy book following the expiration of current policy. Suggestion that irrelevant policy should be replaced or redirected to more suitable bodies, for example endometriosis policy could be passed on to CUSU Welfare. Jo argues that maintaining irrelevant policies would weaken our standing as an effective union.9. Elections Committee Report
  • Jo extends her thanks to Jo and Susi for their hard work with the report.10. College survey
  • Change from distribution via pigeonholes to distribution via the web following the high response from the LBG survey. Problems in ensuring only women fill out the survey. In order to counter
    the possibility of tampering an extra question will be produced to ascertain the respondents sex.
  • Hannah (Corpus Christi JCR) asks about the possibility of males tampering with the questionnaire and lying about their sex.
  • Jo argues that it is most important to have the survey and that anomalous results that seem to have been tampered with will be
  • Lucy (Clare JCR) suggests that by having the question about sex it diffuses the fun in altering a women-only questionnaire.11. Woman of the Year Poll
  • Applicable to any current member of Cambridge University, including those on sabbatical or maternity leave. The nominations will be available over the internet. Posters will soon be available to publicise this event.
  • Ideas for rewarding the winner may be emailed to Jo.12. Women’s Council Ordinary Motions