Minutes of Women’s Council Meeting Lent IV – 2004

Minutes of Women’s Council Meeting Lent IV

Tuesday 9th March 2004 at 7pm, Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College


Nicola Poulloura               (Christ’s CCSU)

Hannah Austin                 (Corpus Christi JCR)

Shauna Garvey                 (Darwin)

Saffron Wyse                   (Downing MCR)

Cat Barton                       (Fitzwilliam JMA)

Claire Walls                     (Executive Secretary)

Rebecca Barr                    (Jesus GradSoc, Graduate WO)

Katie Earnshaw                (King’s GradSoc)

Cathy John                      (King’s GradSoc)

Niamh Dunne                    (Girton JCR)

Stephanie Hyde                (Lucy Cavendish)

Gemma Edgcombe            (New Hall JCR)

Aarti Shah                       (Newnham JCR)

Emily Tew                       (Pembroke JP)

Rebecca Hitchens             (Peterhouse JCR)

Holly Wiles                      (Queen’s JCR)

Becky Bowtell                   (Robinson JCR)

Vicki Mann                       (Sidney Sussex JCR)

Ailie Robertson                 (Trinity JCR)

Caroline Roberts               (Trinity Hall JCR)

Natalie Ridgard                 (Trinity Hall MCR)

Lorren Crabbe                   (Churchill JCR)

Davinder Badial                 (Girton MCR, Int’national WO)

Jessica Blackstone             (Website)

Rachel Cook                     (Welfare Campaigns)

Naomi Holford                   (King’s KCSU)

Anna Booth                       (King’s KCSU)

Rachel Willcock                 (John’s JCR)

Sarah Jackson                   (Kings)

Claire Mawer                     (Selwyn JCR)

Rachel Armstrong             (Selwyn)

Sophia Furber                   (Selwyn)

Susi Henry                       (Emmanuel)

Lizz Waller                       (CUSU Welfare Officer)

Louise Hare                     (Girton)

Asha Brooks                     (B&A WO)

Rachel Graham                 (GA Editor)

Helene Williamson             (LBG WO)

Galya Reuter                     (Peterhouse MCR)

Beth Glanville                   (Homerton)

1. Welcome – Jo (Women’s Sabb) wishes everyone a happy International Women’s Day for yesterday, Monday 8th.

2. News

  • Lizz Waller (CUSU Welfare & Graduates) has welfare packs available for any welfare officers who are attending council tonight. Please see her at the end of the meeting.
  • The standing advisory committee on bullying and harrassment has not yet met this term.
  • Jo will be meeting with the Senior Proctor to discuss SACSMs, the University’s Standing Advisory Committee on Student Matters.
  • Ann Campbell is back on board with the lighting campaign. Jo hopes to focus the campaign on Parker’s Piece as well as the Backs and incorporate it in the “Be Aware” campaign. This campaign promotes both male and female safety awareness and tries to keep the focus away from scaremongering tactics.
  • No college news.3. Corrections to minutes:No corrections to minutes.4. Matters arising from minutes of the last council:No matters arising from minutes of the last council.5. Announcements by the Executive:
  • Rachel Cook (Women’s Welfare Campaigns) alerts everyone to the Reclaim the Night march tomorrow night (8.30pm in Market Square on Wednesday 10th March). The RtN banners are proudly displayed!
  • Rachel also extended her thanks to those at the hill colleges for providing self-defence classes last Sunday (7th March). Another self-defence class will be provided at St John’s College on Thursday 11th March for those who wish to attend.
  • Davinder Badial (Internationals) publicises her event tomorrow which focuses on women in politics and business. Speakers will be Baronness Gale and Christina De Luca. The event will be at 7.45pm in the Ramsden Room, St Catherine’s College.6. Questions to the Executive:No questions to the Executive.7. Target Women Campaign
  • The campaign has not moved forward since the survey has been completed. Jo has held meetings with senior tutors and has been working on data analysis. By the end of the easter vacation all processing of data will be finished. After this Jo will be getting in touch with women’s officers to report back on her findings and about her meetings with senior tutors.8. Women’s Handbook
  • There will be a meeting on Friday at 1pm in the women’s union office to share ideas about the handbook or to join the committee.9. Women’s Council Ordinary Motions 
  • Security in Colleges
  • Jo (Women’s Sabb): this motion follows on from the work of the lighting and “Aware, Not Afraid” campaigns. Many college responses to attacks have been negative, for example, advising women not to leave the premises after 7pm or to walk in male company during the hours of darkness.
    This motion resolves to use college-based safety campaigns in conjunction with other safety and welfare work in order to prevent colleges from using scaremongering tactics. In particular, as the majority of attacks this year have been on men it seems that colleges should target all students, rather than victimising specific groups.
  • Jo Pocock (Emmanuel ECSU) asks who would fund self-defence classes and how they would be organised.
  • Jo responds that such provisions could be part of the welfare or campaigns budgets in colleges or that some CUSU budget could if in need.
  • Aarti Shah (Newnham JCR) voices her support for the motion, particularly in the light of a recent attack in her college grounds.
  • Lizz Waller similarly supports the motion but urges women’s officers to take back the message that someone who is attacked in or near college grounds is fully entitled to bring the matter to the attention of the Police and need not go through the Porters.
  • Everyone votes: Yes, No, Abstention
  • Women’s Union Budget 2004
  • This motion has been proposed by the Women’s Union budget committee. Jo introduces the motion and argues that it has been proposed because of budget cuts this year resulting from low spending by the previous WOmen’s Sabb. This motion would prevent such action happening again.
  • Everyone votes: Yes, No, Abstention
  • Women’s Handbook
  • Jo explains that the problems experienced in producing the Women’s Handbook this year have been similarly experienced in every year because production occurs in the long vaation with little or no work before this. By producing the handbook over the easter vacation it can be presented to council in the summer term and can allow more people to get involved when previously people were asked to make contributions in the middle of examinations.
  • Everyone votes: Yes, No, Abstention10. No Women’s Council Emergency Motions 11. CUSU Council Ordinary Motions
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Lizz Waller (CUSU Welfare Officer) explains that this motion has been produced after widespread consultation. By setting up both a group and report it will add continutity to the mental health campaigns in Cambridge.
  • Everyone votes: Yes, No, Abstention12. AOB
  • Jo (Women’s Sabb) reminds council of events happening for the rest of IWW
  • Jo (Women’s Sabb) will be away Monday to Wednesday next week (15-17th March) at National Women’s Conference. If anyone
    needs resources urgently get in touch with the CUSU reception and if in desperate need contact Jo via mobile.Meeting ends: 8.15pm.