Minutes from Women’s Council Meeting – Lent 2003


4th March 2003

Minutes of Women’s Council Meeting

Tuesday 4th March 2003 at 7pm, Chetwynd Room, Kings College

Present: New Hall women’s officer, Clare women’s officer, Trinity Hall
women’s officer, Potential Clare women’s officer, Sidney women’s officer,
Women’s handbook Editor, Pembroke Women’s Rep, King’s women’s officer, Web
officer- Women’s Exec, Trinity women’s officer, Corpus Christi Women’s
officer, Emma Women’s Officer, Trinity Hall MCR women’s officer, Selwyn
women’s officer, Clare Hall women’s officer, Liaison officer, Darwin
women’s officer.

1. Welcome from Chris and introductions

2. Previous minutes – no corrections

3. Next meeting – May 6th

4. Women’s Council motions – no motions

5. College reactions to the JCAP report

  • The Emma Officer asked about reactions to the JCAP report as their (male) welfare officer
    doesn’t seem too enthusiastic.
  • Chris commented that it’s had good coverage by TCS/Varsity and on college noticeboards.
  • The Darwin Officer asked how to get a copy of the summary (email Chris).
  • Chris is to talk to the Academic Affairs Officer about encouraging college Academic
    Officers to raise awareness of JCAP.
  • The Pembroke Officer says they have had an enthusiastic response.
  • Chris mentioned the CUSU study schools/workshops and Ladies First advices booklet which
    will both occur next term. The latter should be put online.
  • The Corpus Officer asked about subject group mentoring within colleges – Darwin, Clare and
    Corpus all have general parent schemes.
  • The Corpus Officer suggested getting the faculty bodies involved, and the Pembroke Officer
    said that some reps do pay attention.
  • The Pembroke Officer asked about specific goals for college women’s officers. Chris
    replied that the main aim at the moment is to raise awareness. more will happen nest term
    with the study schools/advice booklet and campaigning for mandatory supervisor training and
    the full report to be released.6. International Women’s Week
  • Events so far have gone well.
  • Various events were plugged – fashion show (Kings), violence forum (Darwin), film night
    (New Hall), Reclaim the Night and Gender Agenda benefit.
  • The Sidney Officer pointed out that (for them, at least) IWW and RAG clashed.
  • The Darwin Officer said she’s had problems with publicity (posters ripped down, emails
    not sent) for the forum on violence against women.
  • The Trinity Hall MCR officer asked how college email lists work, stating she’s had
    difficulty with her college computer officer.7. Elections – no one stood.8. Any other business
  • The new Handbook Editor distributed posters asking for articles.
  • The Sidney Sussex Officer kicked off a long and passionate discussion on the need for
    women’s officers, and the difference between welfare and political representation. Wednesday’s
    CUSU election will include an Open Portfolio Men’s Officer. Trinity Hall MCR has had an
    unofficial Men’s Officer for the last year. Downing has both Women’s and Men’s Officers under
    a Welfare Officer. New Hall has separate Women’s and Welfare Officers. Pembroke Women’s
    Officer is having difficulty reportig to a Equal Opportunites Officer and currently isn’t
    allowed to organise women only events.9. Thanks