Women’s news archive

Over the years the different women’s sabbs have gathered lots of different articles together on a whole host of subjects relating to women.

If you’d like a copy of any of these articles email the Women’s Sabb and she’ll get a photocopy to you as soon as she can.

Title Primary Topic Secondary Topic Date Publication
A mistake to drive porn underground Pornography Law 03/02/1990 East Cambs Town Crier
Jury clears student of date rape Rape Donellan 20/10/1993 Daily Telegraph
Prudence is for women too Rape Donnellan 20/10/1993 Daily Telegraph
Told you so Mum! (joy as cry rape student freed) Rape Donnellan 20/10/1993 Daily Mirror
SEX – The dating game is a student’s minefield Rape Students 20/10/1993 Daily Mirror
Why are women so obsessed with their breasts? Body Image Jeanette Winterson 01/06/2001 The Guardian
Return of the dirty don… Cambridge Sexism 18/02/2004 Daily Mail
Disgraced don gets a res-erection Cambridge Sexism 19/02/2004 TCS
Home Truths for Feminists Careers Parenting 21/02/2004 Guardian
The challenge for women directors Film   01/03/2004 BBC
Are women really less intelligent than men? Academic performance IQ 26/07/2004 Daily Express
Women will not lead medicine into decline Medecine   04/08/2004 Independent
Women suffer discrimination in medical academia Discrimination Medicine 21/10/2004 TCS
MEP accused of sexual harrassment Rebecca Bowtell Godfrey Bloom 21/10/2004 TCS
Cambridge girl accuses MEP of harrassment Rebceea Bowtell Godfrey Bloom 21/10/2004 Varsity
The Love Addict Therapy dating 13/12/2004 Daily Mail
Teach abortion, say staff Abortion Education 04/02/2005 TES
Veiled hopes International – Saudia Arabia Islam 05/02/2005 The Guardian Weekend
An agenda for change CUSU Women’s Union 11/03/2005 Varsity
Guatemala Fails to Protect Women Violence International Jun-05 The Wire (AI)
Sex, Drugs and Birth Control Contraception International 11/06/2005 Guardian Weekend
Eight Women One Voice International Poverty 11/06/2005 Guardian Weekend
Armed forces admit sexual harassment Harassment Armed forces 23/06/2005 BBC
Sour note over new music maestro Music Gender Bias 20/07/2005 BBC
Helping women get to the top Glass ceiling   23/07/2005 Economist
Freezer killing’ husband jailed Violence murder 25/07/2005 BBC
Women battle on with Mosque Plan Religion International 19/08/2005 BBC
29 week foetuses probably feel no pain Abortion USA 24/08/2005 New York Times
A Woman Soldiers War in Iraq International Careers 25/08/2005 BBC
Afghan women’s poll money issue Politics International 26/08/2005 BBC
Men are cleverer than women at passing tests Academic Performance Current Affairs 27/08/2005 Independent
Girls Schools Dominate A-level table in Independent Sector Education Access 27/08/2005 Independent
China Outlaws Sexual Harrasment Sexual Harrasment International 28/08/2005 BBC
UK Women Earn 27% less than men Pay Gap Careers 28/08/2005 BBC
Heard the One about women and comedy? Comedy Current Affairs 29/08/2005 Independent
Pakistan’s Real Problem with Rape Rape International 08/09/2005 BBC
Brain Chemistry link to Anorexia Eating Disorders Science 09/09/2005 BBC
Women MPs speak up against sexism Politics Sexism 09/09/2005 BBC
Fonda, 67, vs model, 23: Age Sex appeal 09/09/2005 Independent
Women are put off high tec jobs Careers Technology 09/09/2005 BBC
Delaying Babies ‘defies nature’ Parenting Age 15/09/2005 BBC
Many women in elite colleges set career path to motherhood USA Motherhood 20/09/2005 New York Times
Paying the Price International Prostitution 26/09/2005 Big Issue
Break out of your fashion rut Fashion Motherhood 28/09/2005 Times 2
Twenty Something still has much to shout about Feminist Review Education 30/09/2005 Times Higher
Deplorable’ pay inequity persists Pay Gap Academia 30/09/2005 Times Higher
A site for women of science Science   30/09/2005 Times Higher
Lesbian fears over banned books Lesbian National Archive 02/10/2005 BBC
Nigerian drug mules ‘on the rise’ International Drugs 03/10/2005 BBC
St Hilda’s to revisit debate on whether to open gates to men St Hilda’s Single sex colleges 13/10/2005 Oxford Student
Referendum called to axe job of OUSU VP Women Oxford VP Women 13/10/2005 Oxford Student
Position of Choice Oxford VP Women 13/10/2005 Oxford Student
Women’s Issues Oxford VP Women 13/10/2005 Oxford Student
Women Out University of London Single sex colleges 13/10/2005 The London Student
Female writers in the English department English Oxford 13/10/2005 Oxford Student
Lapdancing club opens in Cambridge Lap Dancing Sex industry 13/10/2005 TCS
Let’s not go nuts Lad’s Mag’s   14/10/2005 Varsity
The day the women went on strike International Iceland 18/10/2005 G2
Dirty young men Lads mags Feminism 22/10/2005 Guardian
Preaching is no prophylactic Abortion Education 27/10/2005 The Times
Desperate to be housewives? Housewives women 01/11/2005 Independent
The last taboo Housewives women 01/11/2005 Independent
Could you get by on £50 a week? Pensions women 02/11/2005 BBC
Immigrants tell fo forced prostitution Human Trafficking Prostitution 02/11/2005 Guardian
Pakistani rape victim is Galmour’s woman of the year Rape International 02/11/2005 Guardian
The Editor, the actor, the (ex)cabinet minister… Rebecca Wade Violence 04/11/2005 Guardian
Do we have a sexist union? Sheffield SU sexism 04/11/2005 Sheffield Steel
Men and Women: the intellect debate Academic Performance IQ 11/11/2005 Varsity
Women still held to blame for Rape Rape Amnesty 21/11/2005 Times
Women ‘get blamed fpr being raped’ Rape Amnesty 21/11/2005 BBC
University Academic Facing Groping Charge Indecent Assault Cambridge 23/11/2005 Cambridge Evening News
Judge’s rule dubbed a green light for rapists Rape Alcohol 24/11/2005 Times
St Hilda’s hopes to go co-ed within two years St Hilda’s Single sex colleges 24/11/2005 The Oxford Student
Take the shame out of rape Rape   25/11/2005 Guardian
Muslim Voices: Women’s Voices Islam   07/12/2005 BBC
Gender Equality is ‘decades away’ Gender Equality EOC 05/01/2006 BBC
Africa’s first lady Africa Libya 06/01/2006 Guardian
India ‘loses 10m female births’ India Sex selection 09/01/2006 BBC
Indian women ‘can serve alcohol’ International India 13/01/2006 BBC
Why we believe the police have lost sight of rape’ Rape   17/01/2006 The Times
Gender Divides in LSE Departments LSE academia 17/01/2006 The Beaver
Women ‘to fill most jobs by 2016’ Employment   19/01/2006 BBC
Lad Mag’ for India’s metrosexual men Lads mags India 24/01/2006 BBC
Quality test for Zimbabwe tampons International Zimbabwe 14/03/2006 BBC
A feminine mystique all of her own Phyllis Schlafy USA 30/03/2006 NY Times
Anger at no jail plans for abusers Violence Law 12/04/2006 BBC
Gin went to my head, says grope case don Peter Hutchinson Trinity Hall 21/04/2006 Guardian
I did kiss her. I may have touched her bottom…it was the gin Peter Hutchinson Trinity Hall 21/04/2006 Cambridge Evening News
Dirty dancing pole dancing   25/04/2006 BBC
Hospital bars foetus photos man Abortion NHS 09/05/2006 BBC
Husbands who rapew put on par with gang rapists Rape   08/06/2006 Daily Mail
The boys of St Hilda’s St Hilda’s Oxford 08/06/2006 Daily Mail
Contraceptive pill aid for women Contraception technology 10/06/2006 BBC
Calls for new sex laws Gender Equality Law 29/12//2005  
Student ‘would have felt sexy’ Rape Donnellan    
Sex, Lies and Red Tape J-CAP Cambridge   TCS
Companies are ‘blacklisting women of childbearing age’ Discrimination Pregnancy