Over the years, the Women’s Union has produced handbooks, pamphlets and factsheets on a variety of issues- check them out, and feel free to use them!

Every year the WU publishes the Women’s Handbook, which is the basic guide to what the Women’s Union is, and what it does in Cambridge. Includes major events for 2008-09, information on issues which women students may face in Cambridge, and campaigns which the Women’s Union is running.

Know the Facts: Human Papilloma Virus is sexually transmitted and can cause genital warts and cervical cancer (which is one of the top killers of women worldwide). Find out about HPV by reading this pamphlet. If you would like paper copies, simply print them out (remember to print double-sided) or email womens [at] to get paper copies.

Pamphlet on defending the position of Women’s Officers. We have Women’s Officers because we need them- this booklet outlines the major arguments. It’s from 2005, but (unfortunately) the arguments still apply…

Siren Magazine was published in 2005, written by women as a forum for gender issues in Cambridge, Britain and Beyond

Many women feel that they experience symptoms around the time of their period that they explain as PMS. This pamphlet should tell you more about PMS and the ways in which it can be managed to suit you.

No student should have to put up with sexual harassment. Unfortunately, it is still present in our society, including in Cambridge. This is a guide for student complainants, containing information about dealing with making a sexual harassment complaint. (Written in 2004 by Jo Read)

The Vagina Monologues was performed as part of our celebrations for International Women’s Week and it not only raised Ã’Ò£940 for Cambridge Rape Crisis and Cambridge Women’s Aid, but was one of the most successful Women’s Union events held for a long time! Remember, reminisce or learn more about it by looking at the programme.

The WU works as part of an international movement for women’s rights. We’ve benefited incalculably from the publications produced by other organisations- here are some we think you’ll enjoy…

This is a zine that was produced by the Sussex University Women’s Group- everything from poetry to pictures to mooncups!