Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, and/or Trans Women

CUSU LGBT+ Campaign
The autonomous campaign which fights for the rights of LGBT+ people in Cambridge

Sexual health education at schools often ellipses sexual health education for women who have sex with women. Click here for some NHS information about protecting yourself if you are having sex with women.

Stonewall’s 2008 Prescription for Change Health Survey of Lesbian and Bisexual Women

The Gender Book
The gender book is a fun, colorful, community-based resource, which illustrates the beautiful diversity of gender – a sort of gender 101 for anyone and everyone.

Information for Trans Women:

CUSU LGBT+ website’s trans resources

CUSU LGBT+ website’s comments on the practicalities of being trans in Cambridge University

CUSU LGBT+’s trans mailing list

Cambridge Diamonds
A Cambridge-based social and self-help group supporting the trans-gender community in East Anglia and Eastern England

A comprehensive guide with information and support for genderqueer, intersex, transgender and transsexual people, their friends and their family.

Gender Trust
A charity that offers a listening ear, a caring support and an information centre for anyone with any question or problem concerning their gender identity, or whose loved one is struggling with gender identity issues.

Disclaimer: Whilst CUSU Women’s Campaign has been careful to check the suitability of these organisations as contact points for students, it cannot be held responsible for the work or advice of any external organisation. Neither should this list be treated as exhaustive.