Women’s Health

For any enquiries about your health take a look through the resources on these websites:

NHS Women’s Health (18-39)

NHS Women’s Health (40-60)

NHS Women’s Health (60+)

Netdoctor Women’s Health

Black Women’s Health

We also recommend these websites for more specific health concerns:

Human Papilloma Virus: Cervical Cancer, caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (which also causes genital warts), is one most common cancers affecting cisgender women. Talk to your GP to get a smear test or if you have any concerns. Find out what steps you can take to protect yourself by looking at the NHS Information on HPV – or look at our campaign to raise awareness about the vaccination.

Breast Cancer: Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting cisgender women – it is worth checking to make sure that your breasts feel normal.┬áIf you have any concerns get in contact with your GP.

Disclaimer: Whilst CUSU Women’s Campaign has been careful to check the suitability of these organisations as contact points for students, it cannot be held responsible for the work or advice of any external organisation. Neither should this list be treated as exhaustive.